Program Details

Teachers who have taught Media Ready found the program easy to learn and easy to teach. We aim to minimize teacher preparation by providing, whenever possible, all materials necessary for the activities that are included in the Media Ready program. This program was designed to be adaptable to a variety of different types of classroom settings, teaching styles, and student skill levels.

In the Media Ready program, the curriculum concepts build upon themselves. Students are first introduced to the key concepts of media literacy before being challenged to apply those concepts to a wide variety of media messages. They’ll identify the target audiences for different foods, critically analyze ads for beauty products, and ultimately turn their critical eye towards tobacco and alcohol advertisements. The curriculum culminates with a media production activity, which provides students with an opportunity to express their media production skills through the creation of an alcohol or tobacco counter-ad.

Structure and Materials

  • Grades 6-8

  • 10 Class Sessions

  • Approximately 45 minutes/lesson

  • Includes:

    • Digital teacher’s manual (printable)
    • Digital student workbooks (printable)
    • Access to online multimedia class presentation